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The protection of personal information is highly regarded at Gateway Baptist Church. We are committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who provide personal information to the organisation. The National Privacy Principles in compliance with Federal Legislation enforced in December 2001 have been adopted in the collection, use, disclosure, quality and security of all personal information received.

Personal information is any information about an individual whose identity is apparent or can be reasonably ascertained. Gateway Baptist Church collects information such as names, addresses, contact numbers etc and other information such as Life Group attendances, memberships, baptisms and areas of service.  Personal information relevant to the functions of administration and providing appropriate services and contacting people who serve at Gateway Baptist Church is all that is required.  Collection of information is essential for the maintenance of an efficient data system; it is collated through verbal interaction, completion of forms such as visitor cards, census forms, cell group information and the like.

As stated the primary use for personal information is administrative and will only be passed on to those in a leadership role at Gateway Baptist Church upon request. No information will be disclosed to any other source without the consent of the individual.

Sensitive information such as criminal records, political persuasions and the like are not collected. Information pertaining to health is collected where necessary such as Children’s Ministry and Youth Group to ensure that the policy and procedures regarding Risk Management are adhered to. Files containing such information are kept in a locked cabinet and can only be accessed by staff and volunteers of the given area.

Gateway Baptist Church ensures reasonable steps are taken to make sure that all information collected is accurate, up to date and protected from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Network access privileges are assigned to a limited number of staff for the purpose of updating, modifying and editing. These positions are reviewed regularly to determine if they are still appropriate. Ministry leaders with access to personal information are made aware of these guidelines and restrictions. Archived material is stored in a secure and confidential environment.

This privacy statement is available to anyone who requests to view it. If an inquiry or complaint is intended regarding the way in which Gateway Baptist Church handles your information please do so by writing, telephoning, faxing or emailing on the below contact details. To view your own personal data please contact our Office Manager.


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