Jesus ministry was characterized by supernatural miracles. He taught with power and authority that was beyond what anyone had heard before. He healed the sick. He cast out demons. He had power over nature and He provided for people in miraculous ways. When Jesus sent His first followers out to continue His ministry, He gave them power and authority to do what He had been doing.

Jesus displayed the extent of His supernatural power when He overcame death and was raised to life after 3 days in a tomb. He defeated the power of sin and death once and for all. There is nothing beyond the power of Jesus and no one above the authority of Jesus. He is the King with all power and authority in heaven and on earth. When we surrender our lives to King Jesus, He gives us His power and sends us out in His authority to proclaim the good news of His Kingdom; to cast out demons and to heal the sick.

As we read through the book of Acts we see the supernatural life was natural for Jesus first followers in the early church. Their life and ministry looked remarkably similar to Jesus life and ministry. Everywhere they went miracles followed and whoever they ministered to, God’s power was displayed. At Gateway, one of our values is to be, “Supernaturally Down to Earth – Ordinary people……I believe God is calling us to a lifestyle where we believe and expect God to work supernaturally through us as he did through the Jesus first followers in the New Testament Church.

We believe that the supernatural power of God is available for everyone today! This series will educate us about the supernatural worldview of Jesus and demonstrate the power and authority of Jesus, given to His followers. I pray that we will all expect God to do more through our lives and ministry than we have ever seen before.

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