The heart of Gateway Beyond is to share the life changing message of Jesus with people in our community, nation and world. As a church we support people and ministries locally and globally who fight poverty and injustice, care for the poor, develop ongoing solutions for complex issues, and share the love of Jesus.  Join us as we make it our mission to share hope and healing, and see lives transformed. 

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Gateway Beyond Month

Every year we take some time out to focus on all things Gateway Beyond, which is how we give generously to the missional work that Gateway supports in our community, our nation and around our world. If you’ve been part of our Gateway family for some time, you’ll be familiar with this very special opportunity, but if this is the first time you’ve heard about Beyond Month, we’re excited to share with you some stories from our Gateway Care ministries, our Gateway Campuses and our Gateway Beyond workers scattered throughout the world.

This year may have thrown some unique challenges our way, but it hasn’t stopped us from knowing that God has called us to take the gospel to the ends of the earth and beyond. Our campus development plans are on hold this year as our giving is concentrated where it’s needed most in our local and global communities. Please give generously to Gateway Beyond.

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Rob and Liz's Story


The mountains and valleys of this particular part of South East Asia are a place of natural beauty, but pain and suffering lurk in the darkness and shadows. This region’s major industries are agriculture, plus a black market trade that includes human trafficking, drugs and civil conflict. Despite its vast resource wealth and recent political change, this region is shackled by the world’s longest running civil conflict. Two Gateway Beyond workers have made it their mission to go and share the light of Jesus among the unreached. “Many people here have never even heard the gospel. You can go into valleys and say Jesus’ name and it’s the first time it’s ever been spoken there,” they say. Their team minister to over 1,600 people each year. They are developing the first self-study Bible study material in the local language, and are teaching, discipling and equipping more than 200 believers through 50+ churches to share the life changing message of Jesus with their family, friends and communities.