Barry Morris

Registered Psychologist (B. Psych (Hons)) Program Manager, GCWC Specialises in children, adolescents, families, child and youth mental health, trauma, depression, anxiety, anger and self esteem at GCWC Mackenzie & GCWC Ormeau.

Peter Davies

Practice Manager, GCWC Mackenzie.

Sophie Bignill

Gateway Care Coordinator - Ormeau

Veronica Avio

Child and Family Counsellor (B. Psych, M. Couns) Specialises in families, children, adolescents, grief, family conflict, behaviour management and parenting at GCWC Mackenzie.

Merie Burton

Counsellor (B. Soc. Sci. M. Couns – undertaking) Specialises in couples, men, women, intimacy issues, grief and loss, self-esteem and identity at GCWC Mackenzie.

Susan Coutts

Counsellor (B. Physio., M. Couns.) Specialises in Women of all ages, men, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationship, spiritual concerns and health coaching at GCWC Mackenzie.

Connie Hon

Counsellor and Family Therapist (B. Ed) (sessions in English, Mandarin, or Cantonese) Specialises in couples, families, men, women, anxiety, depression, parenting and cross-cultural issues at GCWC Mackenzie & GCWC Ormeau.

Micaela Monteiro-Haig

Naturopath (B. Health Sci. - Naturopathy) Specialises in children, adolescents, men and women, older persons, nutrition, mental health, addictions, sleep issues, fatigue, stress, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders and weight management at GCWC Mackenzie.

Richard Morris

Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor (M.Couns, M.Arts) Specialises in counsellors and other professionals, men, couples, adolescents, supervision, grief and loss, anxiety, depression and trauma (particularly adult survivors of childhood abuse) at GCWC Mackenzie & GCWC Ormeau.

Paul Wegner

Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor (B. Soc. Sci.) Specialises in counsellors and other professionals, men, supervision, and men’s issues at GCWC Mackenzie

Ashley Withers

Registered Psychologist (B. Psych (Hons)) Specialises in couples, men, women, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship counselling and mission at GCWC Mackenzie

Vicki Binnie

Counsellor (B Nursing; M Counselling; Cert IV Christian Ministry) Specialises in individual adults, grief and loss, abuse, spirituality, substance use, anxiety and depression at GCWC Ormeau


Master of Counselling (Mcoun), M.Arts (MAPM), Bachelor of Nursing (BN) Specialises in Child and adolescent, Post divorce, Grief & loss, Abuse and trauma, Spirituality issues, Womens issues, Drug and Alcohol, Sexual identity, PTSD and Complex PTSD