Why join a life group?

We gather in life groups because the greatest spiritual growth comes in community. We grow in places where we don’t have to be shy about our faults, questions or doubts.

In a life group, you’re challenged and encouraged in places where you and other followers of Jesus can wrestle with what it means to become fully devoted, and to lead others on the journey too.

Being part of a life group changes us, shapes us and helps us to see God’s miraculous work in our everyday lives.

Join a life group

Search the life groups that are currently open for new members, or contact us so we can help you to join a group that suits your circumstances.

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Facilitate a group

Gather your people around God’s Word, celebrate with each other and go through the hard times together.

Become a life group facilitator

Life group facilitator FAQs

It really depends on you, set the group up well with communications i.e., whats app, agree on a time, place, and time to meet, be available for your group to contact you, select a resource to use during the life group. Do the study ready for each life group. Share the load, choose someone to lead with you, be up front with what you can give time wise. Usually, a life group meeting includes time to chat, time to dive deep in the Word and time to pray for one another. This can be as long or as short as you like.

Your group can meet at another group members home, in a park, on the church grounds, anywhere you all feel comfortable. Delegate, ask some one in the group who loves to bake or cook be the person responsible for planning supper / lunch whatever it is. Everyone in the group can contribute – don’t do it alone.

All you need to have is a heart to serve. The best life group facilitator is one who is a servant leader. All resources and training will be provided. Life group is a means for the group to wrestle through the meaning of God’s Word, to learn from each other and to be open minded to different opinions.

A life group is not a place for teaching, it is a place for sharing and wrestling through the application of God’s Word in our lives together. The role of leading a life group is to facilitate the conversation and to gather believers together in community to care for and love one another.

Be open minded to those in your group. Sometimes people do rub each other the wrong way, sometimes it takes time to get to know someone. Give each person in your group the benefit of the doubt.

If you are really struggling with someone in your group, or another group member is, you can always contact your life group coach or Connection Pastor for further support. You are not in this alone.

Set expectations early on. Grow into your confidence, don’t expect it to run smoothly every get together At times, some may talk longer than others, some may have greater immediate needs than others. Be mindful of those who are quiet and encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings. Model the behaviour you would like your group to show.