Bible Reading Plan


As followers of Jesus, we grow in our faith when we read the Bible regularly and apply what it says to our lives. You can download a digital bible reading plan that we have created below and save it to your device.

Follow the chapter links to the You Version Bible website to either read or listen to the chapter for each day.


Bible Reading Plan


“What are you waiting for? Get up and get yourself baptised, scrubbed clean of those sins and personally acquainted with God.” Acts 22:16 (Message)

Baptism is the first thing God asks us to do once we believe and decide to spend our lives following Jesus.

Baptism isn’t an indication of being spiritually mature, or a ‘good’ Christian, it’s the first step in following Jesus. It’s an outward declaration of an inward commitment. At Gateway we want to see everyone who comes to faith in Jesus be baptised.

Would you like to find out more about taking this next step in your spiritual journey?  Come to our next workshop on Baptism and have your questions answered. Baptism Sunday is normally held on the last Sunday of every month

Interested in Baptism


We’re all in this together

Throughout the New Testament, believers clearly identified themselves with a specific local church and were challenged to become committed members.  This was the community which facilitated their growth as a follower of Jesus and their support of each other.

When you become a member of Gateway Baptist Church, you are showing our Gateway community that you desire to belong and contribute.

Complete one of our Membership Application Forms and return it to the Welcome Desk at your Gateway campus, mail to PO Box 2033 Mansfield QLD 4122 or email to the church office.

One of our membership team will then be in contact with you to discuss your application further.

Application Membership Brochure

Spiritual Gifts

Discover your Gifts

You have been given gifts by the Holy Spirit to use for the good of others and to help build a strong and healthy church.

Discover your spiritual gifts through this easy online Spiritual Gifts questionnaire.  We’ll then help you connect your gifts with opportunities to serve at Gateway.


Discover your Spiritual Gifts


We’ll journey with you

God didn’t design us to journey in life alone – especially when it comes to our faith and relationship with God. Meeting regularly with a mentor encourages you to become more like Jesus in every area of your life. Your mentor will ask questions to help you connect with God and will also be a sounding board for you to discuss ideas and decisions.

Mentoring is not counselling – your personal issues from the past are not the main focus of mentoring, although these may come up as you seek ways to move forward. What you talk about with your mentor may cover many areas of your life but will focus on increasing growth and maturity in your relationship with God.

One of Gateway’s mentoring team will connect you with an appropriate mentoring partner (someone of the same gender). You’ll have an introductory meeting with your mentor and if you’re both in agreement will then meet regularly, usually every four to six weeks. You’ll have the chance to review the mentoring relationship after about six months and decide if you wish to continue.

Find a Mentor - Women Find a Mentor - Men