Come and hang out with a great bunch of blokes. We do fun stuff, tackle the tough stuff, get real and support each other so no man has to stand alone. Through our Gateway Men social events, groups, training and mentoring you’ll make new mates and get a sense of direction so you can get on with loving others and serving God.

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Wanting to connect with other men?  Our regular men’s events are a place where you can experience genuine camaraderie, and gain spiritual, social and emotional support.

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Mentoring for Men

God didn’t design us to make our life journey alone, especially when it comes to growing in Him! Mentoring is a way of growing by creating spaces in our lives in which we very deliberately seek to grow in God and seek to support others as they grow in Him.
You can register as a mentor or a mentoree, and we will connect you with a suitable person. After your initial meeting, you can choose whether to continue meeting.

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