Rough pregnancies, workplace injuries and mental health struggles were just a few of the things life threw at the Carters family over the past few years. But finding out about Gateway Ormeau through a playgroup, Adam and Megan found a new family that welcomed them and supported them through it all. 

“Everything I went through, having people praying for me and seeing how everything turned out, it couldn’t have been better,” Megan said. “I just knew we were being looked after.”

Coming to church, learning more about faith through Alpha, and experiencing God’s love and peace through their circumstances, led Adam and Megan to decide to follow Jesus. They were baptised together at the Ormeau church party in 2022. 

“Being in the pool, knowing we were taking that step together, it felt like we were cementing our relationship with each other but also cementing our relationship with Jesus,” Megan said.

A few months later, at the church camp in 2023, they baptised their oldest son, Hunter, in the creek. That day Megan’s mum also decided to get baptised.

“I thought it was really cool — I baptised my son and then I baptised my mum, straight after each other.”

Adam said coming to Gateway Ormeau is like coming home. “To the people who decided Ormeau was a good spot to have a new church, I’m so thankful. If we hadn’t found Gateway Ormeau, we wouldn’t be following Jesus.”

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