We’re MAKING IT OUR MISSION to follow Jesus in our community, nation and world because we’re passionate about sharing with others the hope and healing that can be found in Jesus. As a church we support people and ministries locally and globally who fight poverty and injustice, care for the poor, develop ongoing solutions for complex issues, and share the love of Jesus.

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“I love seeing someone regularly and I feel more connected.”

Twelve years ago in her home country of Iran, Yasmin’s uncle introduced her to Jesus. Yasmin’s faith was one of the few things she brought with her when her family arrived on Christmas Island six years ago.
Australia has given Yasmin and her two children a safe place to live, but with a sister in Turkey and the remainder of her family in Iran, she has longed to feel part of a community. Yasmin joined Gateway’s COACH program and met with her mentor once a week.
“I love seeing someone regularly and I feel more connected,” Yasmin smiles bright when talking about Erica, her COACH mentor. “When I’m talking with Erica I feel peace. Talking with her improves my English and she helps me with practical things like using
the internet to find out information.” The COACH program has given Yasmin confidence and opportunities to connect with others and her sense of belonging has grown. COACH is just one way Gateway Beyond is welcoming people in our community into our growing family.

Our Community