“I have always had a passion for empowering people to overcome the challenges of life. It is a delight to watch them grow in confidence as they discover ways to overcome fears, language barriers, challenging circumstances, confusion, and disabilities,” says Cherith. “Carewerx has given me an opportunity to come alongside students who are trying to succeed in an education system and society best suited to native English speakers. Sharing the knowledge and experiences I gained through my own schooling is a privilege. I also value the opportunity to learn from the students about themselves and their cultures.”

Cherith can see how her experiences at Carewerx have broadened her perspective on life and helped her be more aware and sensitive to the struggles others face. “It is so easy to take for granted the value of being born in Australia and having access to good education. The students at Carewerx have not had the same opportunities and may have faced challenges beyond my imagination before they were even 10 years old, yet these students are eager to succeed and rise above those challenges by completing their Australian education.”

“When I first arrive at Carewerx on a Thursday afternoon there are usually only two or three students, or even less,” Cherith shares. “I wonder if perhaps the afternoon will be very slow. But then, over the next few hours, a steady stream of students will come through the door, excitedly chattering, pulling out their school work and asking for help. It is exciting to see how comfortable these students are.”

“Students who are from different schools and different countries. They don’t mind admitting the need for help. We are all one at Carewerx. Over history assignments and science reports we share stories and laugh about life. I can sense God smiling in this place, and he is continuing to shine His light not just in the room, but also out in the community where the students live.”