Amelia Dwyer

I’ve loved being able to grow in my relationship with God alongside some absolutely amazing and incredible people. Having the opportunity to study scripture, build relationships and serve God in youth ministry, all because GMS, is truly the biggest blessing.

Sonia Davies

It has been an amazing experience learning that I am capable of much more than I ever thought possible but also watching the younger students step up and out and inspire not only me but their generation as well.

Maddison Weekes

Since Starting GMS I have developed a greater appreciation for Jesus and the gospel. Learning more about God has given my faith such deeper roots and now, I find so much more joy in reading His word every day.

Andy Gore

I have really enjoyed discovering golden nuggets that have helped me to grow my faith from being something static to something that is dynamic. It’s been a great joy to wrestle with God about questions of faith and the Bible helping me to grow deeper in my relationship with Him. I’ve enjoyed meeting a variety of people across multiple generations with great camaraderie and care for each other. We celebrate each other’s success and steps of faith in practical ministry, and support and comfort each other in times of stress and frustration.

Sammy Edwards

It’s been so important to me, learning that the plan that God has for me continues to change and blow my mind. God knows ME personally and He’s never going to let me down. When we give it all to him an ask him to use us, that’s exactly what He’s going to do.

Angela Bourne

It was so impacting to know that I could actually do this. I haven’t studied for over 30 years and before the first assessment was due I had a meltdown and nearly withdrew. But with the support of Sav and the tutors I persevered and realised I could do this.