I AM the light of the world | Tim Lucas

| March 26, 2023

I AM…….How could 2 simple words give so much hope and yet cause so much trouble. When Jesus is being questioned by religious people with a long history of belief in God, He claims that they need saving from their sin if they are to truly know God as their Father. They are indignant that they are right with God because they come from the family line of Abraham, but Jesus declares that His words have greater authority as, “before Abraham was born I AM” (John 8:58). Because of those two simple words, they picked up some rocks to stone Him. They knew that with those two simple words, that Jesus was claiming to be God Himself. (Exodus 3:14)

Jesus’ “I Am” statements have a radical inclusivity in His invitation (whoever, anyone) and a clear exclusivity in that He is the only one that can deliver what we need. This is a series with a clear call to believe in Jesus as the Son of God for salvation and an invitation to experience the life of Jesus every day.



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