Everyone is welcome at Gateway!  If you’ve not been to Gateway before or never been to church, here’s an idea of what to expect.


We’re a bunch of down-to-earth people and there’s no dress code at Gateway. Come casual or come a bit dressier, it’s up to you and what you feel comfortable in!


There are a number of other car parks located in the CBD that you can pre-book or you can try to find cheaper on-street parking alternatives.

Wilson Parking – 140 Elizabeth Street. $7 Prebooked on Weekends and after 5pm Weekdays. $15 driveup.

King George Square BCC – 0-3hrs $5, 3-8hrs $15, over 8hrs $15 all drive up on a Sunday

Uptown (previously Myer Centre Carpark) $10 Prebooked and $14 driveup.

Wintergarden Secure – $10+1 Prebooked and $13 driveup.


Our Sunday morning service is held on the first floor of Elizabeth House. Come through the front doors and head down the hallway until you reach the lift or stairs. Make your way up to the first floor and turn left towards the Ballroom.


If you have children over two years old who’d like to join in our Sunday morning kids and youth activities, find out more here. Otherwise your children are very welcome to come into the main service.

If you have kids under two years old, you are welcome to use the parents’ room, which is located in the kids ministry area. You can supervise your children in here and a baby change facility is also located in this room.


Our services always start on time, but don’t worry if you’re running late. You will enter through doors at the back of the room, and if our seating is getting full someone on our Welcome Team will help you find a seat. If you come with other people we will help you sit together.


As you enter the Ballroom our Welcome Team (they’ll be easy to spot in their blue Welcome Team shirts) will greet you with friendly smiles. They may be handing out information or notes to people and you are welcome to take what they hand you.

At the back right of the Ballroom you will find our Welcome Desk. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our helpful and friendly people at the Welcome Desk.


A Gateway service is usually 70-90 minutes, with four parts:

Music – together we sing songs of worship and praise to God.  Most people stand, however feel free to sit if you prefer.  The words are on a screen. (approximately 20-30 minutes)

Announcements – we share information about what’s going on at Gateway, what events are coming up, and we take a few minutes to say hello to the people sitting around us. (approximately 7-15 minutes)

Message – one of our Gateway team or a guest speaker will share a message. (approximately 30-40 minutes)

Close – we finish the service with prayer, singing and sometimes the opportunity to respond to the message.  If you want, you can come down the front and someone will pray with you.  (approx. 5-10 minutes)


During each service there is an opportunity to give, which is a place for our Gateway family to financially give to the work of the church. Feel free to let the giving bucket pass by without any sense of obligation or guilt.


If you’d like to meet people and get connected with Gateway fill in a Connect Card which will be on your seat.  You can put your Connect Card in the offering bucket or hand it into someone on the Welcome Team.  We’ll then ring you during the week to chat about connecting with people at Gateway.

We serve free tea and coffee after the service if you’d like to stay and meet people.


One Sunday a month we share communion together during the service.  Communion is a way we remember and celebrate the new life we have through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  We eat a small piece of bread/gluten free cracker and drink small cups of grape juice which symbolise the body and blood of Jesus.  Anyone of any age who loves Jesus is welcome to share in communion with us.  During communion you can help yourself to the bread and juice at one of the tables.  If you don’t wish to join in communion, please feel free to stay sitting during this part of the service.


At Gateway, church is not about a religious ceremony where we tick off a list of things we have to do.  We come to church to connect with God and other people – we’re just like a big family hanging out together for a few hours on a Sunday – and we’d love to welcome you into our church family as well.  Sometimes we may say and do things in our services that are unfamiliar to you.  We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or excluded, so if there is anything you don’t understand or want to ask questions about, you are very welcome to talk with someone on our Welcome Team or one of our pastors.