In this series we will share some testimonies of miracles from our church family to build faith in our hearts that God is working miraculously today, and we will study some of Jesus miracles to help people feel the compassion of Jesus; listen to the voice of Jesus and activate their faith by praying for miracles in the name of Jesus.

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Romans: Good News!

It was good news for the Romans and it’s good news for us—Jesus, the righteousness of God, has come down to earth and made a way for the unrighteous to be counted as righteous through faith and reconciled to God. Join us as we explore Paul’s letter to the church in Rome.

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Multiply + Magnify

However big you think that God is right now, He is bigger than you think in your life, in His Church and in our nation. As we magnify the Lord together, He will mature us in our faith and use us to multiply His message, His ministry and His miracles throughout the world.

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” echoes the carol. With holidays, gifts, tinsel, lights and turkey, Christmas has become a time of great joy and celebration within our culture. But behind all the trimmings, what is the true wonder of Christmas? Join us this December and experience the wonder of Christmas with us.


The books of 1 and 2 Samuel follow the biography of David, Israel’s greatest king. A king who began his life as an obscure shepherd boy but became a warrior who brought rival nations to their knees. A king described as “a man after God’s own heart”, writing worship songs that have been sung throughout the centuries. A king whose personal sins devastated not only his own family, but Gods chosen nation. In triumph and in tragedy, this earthly king points forward to a greater king to come.

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Finding the Good Life

An 80-year study into what makes us happy has led to a firm and clear conclusion: if you want to live a good life, invest in relationships.

In this series, we’ll look to how we invest into our faith, our families, our friends and our future. As we invest into relationships with Jesus, He can paint a picture of the possibilities for a truly good life.

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First Peter

Writing from Rome, Peter writes to a group of churches to encourage the faith and hope they have in Christ. Despite the pressures they were experiencing, he continues to remind them of the great story that they are part of, the story of God’s rescuing work through the people of Israel, the redeeming work of Christ, the call to be the new people of God and the eternal hope they have in Christ. As these early Christians navigated what it looked like to be part of a new community, Peter encourages them to continue to live with a radical counter-cultural obedience.

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Throughout this series we will help people find joy in the midst of their current circumstances, and to invite them to see the world through a whole new lens – the Kingdom of God. Where the things we have been told provide happiness are replaced with a new set of realities where happiness can truly be found under the rule of King Jesus.

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This series will unpack the seven I Am statements of Jesus in John’s gospel to give everyone confidence in His divinity and identify how to receive the promises that Jesus offers to everyone who believes. Jesus’ “I Am” statements have a radical inclusivity in His invitation (whoever, anyone) and a clear exclusivity in that He is the only one that can deliver what we need. This is a series with a clear call to believe in Jesus as the Son of God for salvation and an invitation to experience the life of Jesus every day.

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Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit. One of the ancient prayers of the church is a short and simple, yet profoundly powerful prayer. It has been prayed in catacombs, cathedrals and chapels throughout the centuries and it is our prayer for Gateway in 2023.

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Prepare Him Room

Jesus was rejected by many he came to save. This is the sad reality of Christmas. Truth is not always welcome in this sin-scarred world. But Jesus came to overthrow sin in our lives and give us the right to become much-loved children of God. As we pause to reflect on the promises of Jesus and receive His reign in our hearts, we are empowered to respond by bringing His Kingdom rule to the people around us who are yet to receive His love, joy, hope and peace. Our prayer is that as we prepare room for Christ in our hearts, we might prepare others to receive Jesus as their King.


Throughout the story of Joseph we will see God at work in life’s circumstances – both painful and good. Joseph remains steadfast through so many challenges, and God remains faithful to His promises. As we look at the story of Joseph, we will point people to the story of Jesus – the one who was ultimately faithful in bringing us healing & hope through his life, death and resurrection.

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Rhythms of Grace

From the very beginning, life has been created with a beat that provides the foundations for a fruitful tune. Jesus invites us into a radical way of living that works against the ways of this world. It takes courage and faith to walk it, but it will set us free from the pressures of the conditions we are surrounded by. Over this six-week series we will explore the life and teaching of Jesus to not just learn with our minds but to enter truly into his invitation life and shape our lives around his rhythm of grace.

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How we understand our identity has significant ramifications for how we live. Fundamentally, identity shapes our vision of what it means to be human. In the book of Ephesians, Paul writes a clear message that our identity should not be found in the surrounding culture, but ‘in Christ’.

Join us in this series as we explore our true identity found in Jesus and explore the great resources designed to help you go deeper.

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As we come out of one of the darkest and most isolated times in recent history, now is a good time for Jesus followers to give good news to the poor; to set the oppressed free and give sight to the blind. Now is our time to give generously to open new doors for people to see hope and find healing in Jesus. Now is our time to step out in faith believing that God will send revival in our nation in our generation. 

This series will unpack the heart of Isaiah’s prophecy and see how it is fulfilled in Jesus’ ministry. We will pray for the empowering of the Holy Spirit to continue Jesus’ ministry today and invite everyone to give generously to open new doors for more people to find healing and hope in Jesus. 

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Letters to the Church

This series will reveal the context of each historical city that Jesus writes to and draw parallels with the reality of our culture today. We will challenge our cultural norms that can easily influence our walk with Jesus, and we will be encouraged by looking to the One who loves His church and holds the ultimate power over our city.

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Who We Are

Every family has values that shape the way they live and influence their relationships with one another and the world around them. In some families, values are clearly articulated and constantly reinforced. And in other families, values are unspoken but easily identified by others looking in. As a church family, we have identified some core values that have been shaped by the heart of God over many years and influence the way we relate to God, one another and the world around us. In this series we will unpack who we are as a church family by sharing our values and asking God to shape our lives in line with His heart.

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