We believe that healthy, growing, local churches are a vital part of taking the gospel message to the ends of the earth. That’s why we are committed to planting campuses across our nation and why we send people out to help churches be planted around the world. 

Gateway Campuses

Our Vision is for more campuses in more places so more people can share in the life changing message of Jesus. Gateway is now one church in five locations, with campuses in Mackenzie, Ormeau, Logan, Redlands and the City.

We believe God has called us to grow the capacity of our campuses to include Care Centres at our Logan and City campuses and a permanent ministry space at Ormeau so that more people can find hope and healing in Jesus name. An expanded Kids and Youth facility in our Logan Campus and the ongoing development of our Mackenzie Campus will ensure we continue to invite those we live, work and laugh with to come and hear the life changing message of Jesus.

Future campus development plans
One church in five locations

Mackenzie and Redlands Campuses

Upgraded seating and Facilities

Logan Campus

Kids and Youth & Care Centre

Ormeau Campus

Permanent Building & Care Centre

City Campus

 Ministry & Care Centre

Logan Campus Story