KTV is Everything Kids! We want to have a whole lot of fun while growing in our faith.


We’d love you to join us as we connect with each other, open God’s Word and have a stack of fun together every Sunday morning at 7:30am or 9:30am!

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Kids Take Over


This year KTO is going to look a little different. The exciting part is that it will be free and accessible for all, you will be able to participate from the comfort of your own home. You will get the chance to step into our KTO living room and meet some marvellous characters, who are preparing for an exciting celebration. Click below to check out our KTO page.

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Meet Jess

Kids Pastor – Mackenzie Campus. She once flew in a helicopter over NYC.. with her legs hanging out the side!

Meet Cherith

Kids & Youth Pastor – Logan Campus. She loves to be upside down… cartwheels, handstands, from a tree branch!

Meet Donna

Kids & Youth Pastor – Ormeau Campus. She has once stood in 3 countries at the same time!

Meet Hannah

Kids & Youth Pastor – City Campus. She loves ice cream and milo… A LOT

Meet Jess

Kids & Youth Pastor – Redlands Campus. She can do really cool tricks on a skateboard!

Meet Tracy

Families Pastor – Mackenzie Campus. She plays the trumpet… how cool!

Meet Don

Creative Genius – Everywhere. He loves a good flat white every moning before he gets started with his day.

Meet Nelson

KTV Host. His Favourite movies are The Incredibles and Tinkerbell... Equally!

Meet Hannah

KTV Host. She has a grand total of 18 plants in her bedroom! Impressive.

Meet Kim

KTV Host. She can do the splits!

Meet Cooper

KTV Host. He is THE BEST at keeping fake plants alive.

Meet Zach

KTV Host . The only pet he has ever had is a pet mouse named Squeaky.