Term 4 at Gateway Kids

In life we all face situations where we need courage. Sometimes it can be difficult to be courageous when we feel worried about something or we are unsure what the right choice is. Having faith means courageously trusting God in all situations – even when it doesn’t make sense. David was a man who had courageous faith. We can read about David’s life in the Old Testament, including the songs and prayers of faith he wrote to God in the book of Psalms.

David was a brave warrior and a strong king but most importantly, he was a faithful follower of God. He trusted God through the good times and the bad. He worshipped God through the good times and the bad. He listened to God through the good times and the bad. It wasn’t easy, but David was a man of COURAGEOUS FAITH who knew that God was always with him. Because of David’s courageous faith, God moved powerfully in His life. This term at Gateway Kids, we’re focusing on the life of David and learning how we can be people of COURAGEOUS FAITH too.


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