We believe that people grow best in the context of relationships. This is the reason that we encourage everyone who calls Gateway home to join a Life Group.

Life Group is the place where you can pursue healthy relationships and spiritual growth, where you can experience accountability, belonging and care. Where you can connect and grow.

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Get connected

GroupLink is how you join a Life Group at Gateway.


Our regular GroupLink events help you meet and connect with others looking to form a new Life Group.

GroupLink is an event for everyone who is looking for a Life Group.

At GroupLink we will help you make connections and form into groups. You just need to know where and when you would like to meet and come ready to introduce yourself to some new people. There will be good food, friendly volunteers, and Life Group leaders ready to meet. You can even sign up to host or lead a group yourself.

If you’d like to join a life group, register for GroupLink and we’ll keep you updated with details of future events.

If you don’t want to wait until our next GroupLink event, fill in the ‘Join a Life Group’ form above and we will see if there is an existing group available for you to join.