We pray as if life depends on it.
We are dependant on God in prayer, for in Him we live and move and have our being.

We’d love to pray for you

We believe that prayer works and Jesus changes people’s lives. Every week, we pray for people to get jobs, recover from illness and get back together with their families. No prayer is too big.

Tell us what you’d like prayer for, and our prayer team will pray for you this week. We’ll keep your details and your prayer request confidential within our team.

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Campus prayer

All of us have a varied history and experience with prayer. For some, prayer has been a quick “get out of jail” response in time of need, for others, a religious duty that we feel compelled to fulfil. For others it has been a life-giving part of every day.

As we look to the future, we believe God is calling us to grow a deeper intimacy with him, and a renewed passion both individually and corporately for prayer. As we pray, we believe God will move powerfully in our lives, our families and our church.


Come and be part of all that God is doing on Tuesday evenings from 6-7pm during the school term as we pray together in the Main Auditorium!

Join us each Sunday for prayer at 7.45am in the Welcome Lounge before our 8am service.


Come and join us in person at our Redlands Campus and be part of all that God is doing – Monday evenings at 7pm!

Be part of all God is doing at Gateway Logan. Pray with us every Tuesday at 10am, Sunday 8:15–8:45 and every first and third Tuesday of the month at 7pm.


Join us online for Zoom Prayer on Tuesday mornings at 7-7.30am. Join us on Zoom.

Join us online for Zoom Prayer weekday mornings at 7am for our Multicampus Prayer meeting. Join us on Zoom.

Freedom Prayer

To help you find greater freedom and healing

Freedom Prayer is what we call our prayer ministry at Gateway.  It offers the opportunity of an extended, focused, intentional time of prayer, with reliance on God’s empowering to help an individual find their way into greater freedom, healing and forgiveness. The ministry serves as a support to the Sunday prayer opportunity which is limited in the time given to prayer and to the ministry of the Gateway Counselling & Wholeness Centre which offers ongoing counselling support.

It is a simple style of praying with an individual giving the time to explore and find release from ways that life events and experiences have impacted the way they are currently living.


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